Crochet’s Summer Buzzin’ Tips

Do you tie on a 1/2-oz black buzzbait in the dead of summer, the daytime, and sizzle it back to the boat? Me neither, but Elite pro Cliff Crochet does. Here’s more, some excellent info from the fine folks at Yamaha:

> During the hot summer months when Cliff Crochet fishes buzzbaits, his favorite color
is black and the only retrieve speeds he uses are fast and faster.

> “It’s all about confidence,” he says, “especially the black color, but to me buzzbaits are strictly reaction-strike baits…. Speed generates those reaction strikes, and when a bass hits, it isn’t looking at lure color at all.”

> “The first buzzbaits I used when I was young had black skirts and black blades, which are normally colors you fish at night, but they were all I had so I fished them during the day too. When I caught bass with them, I just kept using them.”

> “When I’m looking for a larger fish to help fill out a tournament day’s catch, I don’t hesitate to start racing a buzzbait across the surface.”

> Although buzzbaits are manufactured in several sizes, Crochet nearly always fishes 1/2-oz baits because they tend to attract heavier bass [and can be cast farther].

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