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  1. Hi everybody,It is inisneettrg to read different view of points from you all. I wish to address some issues for you to think about . I agree 150% about more rules, no fun issue .I would LOVE to see that NBAD can reduce it’s rules book down to ONE or maybe two pages. I find this irony, forgive me some of you would want a rule to keep CODA adults away, they have deaf culture behind them? AND,,,listen you would want a rule to allow NBAD anglers to break the DFG’s law???I feel that with any organizations should be very careful with their wordings in the rules book, because if someone like DFG, or BIG organizations like .maybe FLW Outdoors see that we allow that, with so little punishment .As well with discrimination against CODA .We can always struggle with getting sponsors in the future. For me, if anything that is a voilation of DFG rules, NO MATTER IF CAUGHT OR NOT, we stand behind DFG, and disqualify that angler, period. Because this is NOT for fun, as this is a NBAD tournament, a big thing.Smiles Happy thinking’s!

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