Looking Back on 2013

Looking Back on 2013 – By. Pat Snellings from BassEast.com

We recently sat down with Biobor pro Cliff Crochet to talk about his 2013 Elite Series Season.  Cliff had a breakout year finishing 10th in Angler of the Year points and qualifying for the 2014 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Guntersville.

BE:  You had a great year in 2013 Cliff what do you think was the biggest thing that led to your performance this year?

Cliff: “I think the biggest thing that helped me succeed this year was hard work and determination.   This year I wasn’t on the fish going into all the tournaments, but I was able to see enough in practice to work and adapt and grind out a decent finishes in the tournaments that I wasn’t on them.”

BE:  How did it feel to finish 10th in the Elite Series Angler of the Year Rankings this year?

Cliff:  “It’s a good feeling to finish 10th this year but when you finish tenth you still have that drive to do better next year, and eventually win angler of the year.  I’m thankful for this year though, a finish like this feels like you’re making the correct decisions and that you’re doing something right.”

BE:  Were there any highlights or defining moments for you in 2013 that really stick out?

Cliff: “The best part about this year was getting off to a decent start so all I had to do was stay consistent and fish well for a chance to make the Bassmaster Classic.  That being said there were some moments that really stuck out this year and one was on the Sabine River.”

“I really thought I was going to win that one, I got bit by fuel on day three and fell to 14th missing the top 12 cut.  I was upset and disappointed but then rebounded at Falcon and made a 12 cut and that really got me going.”

“Another big deal was at Bull Shoals where I finished 76th and the next week we went to West Point where I previously had my worst finish ever.  On day one at West Point I had a bad morning and couldn’t get a fish in the boat.  This would have rattled me before but I kept working switched areas and got on them around noon with 3 quick bites that had me in 10th after the first day, and I finished 11th in the tournament.”

BE:  Now that you’ve made the classic what are you looking forward to at Guntersville and into next season?

Cliff:  “I haven’t been to Guntersville yet to practice for the classic but I have been there a couple times before.  I’m really excited about this tournament and know there will be some big fish caught.  This one could break every classic weight record.”

“One thing that’s nice is that you know what you’re going to need to win going into this tournament. Fifteen to eighteen pounds a day might be good but it won’t win the tournament.  Knowing what you have to catch is a big thing going into this event.”

“For the 2014 season I look to continue what I did this year by staying positive on the water and working hard on the water and hopefully good things will continue to happen.”

Cliff at weigh in Bull Shoals

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